Harvest and Honey

An open-ended love letter, culinarily inspired.


apple apple pies


I’ve been hitting the apple recipes a little hard recently, I will admit. But the humble apple is my favorite seasonal ingredient and I find that I’m always loading up my basket with heaps of different colored varieties … dreaming up ways to incorporate them into recipes both savory and sweet. My most recent daydreaming resulted in these handheld apple pies, which are nothing short of adorable – even Lucas commented immediately on them upon making their acquaintance in the kitchen last night. “Wow.” he said. “Those look awesome!

While inside I was simultaneously doing jazz hands and patting myself on the back, to him I just acted like it was no big deal … I just kept low-key washing dishes as I nodded in their direction on the stovetop where they cooled from their stint in the oven. “Oh those little things?” I replied, dripping with nonchalance. “I just whipped them up earlier with some extra apples I found lying around in the pantry.

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