Oak-Smoked Pasta Cacio e Pepe

Smoke Rings in the Dark

I never minded that the grass made my legs itch, or that its dewdrops soaked through my summer dresses. Long and rarely cut by the blades of any man-powered machine, these blades of sweet summertime bluegrass provided a bed for us to do all of our …

Favorite Winter Salad
salad, Winter

Four Winter Salads

“Lauren, don’t wish your life away! You’ll regret it when you’re older …” I’ve heard these words time and time again in my life, as I have always been painfully, regretfully guilty of doing just that: wishing the time away. It’s my worst habit, no …

Apple Rose Tarts
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The Biggest Apple

I’ll begin at the very end. “Where you headed, ma’am?” He asks as he effortlessly weaves the cab up and down the busy streets of Brooklyn. “Indianapolis,” I reply, staring out the window. They call it “the concrete jungle,” and on this particularly gray, windy Wednesday morning in …

pears, Winter

The Gift

G-67. G-67? Calling ticket number G-67 to window 12 please. That’s “G” as in giraffe. G-67 …  Sitting in my grey plastic chair, I shuffled my feet restlessly on the cracked linoleum floor and searched through my oversized purse for something to snack on, to help pass the …